EKG Windows

EKG Windows: Complete 12 Window Overlay Set


A unique, original method for learning to screen 12-lead EKGs for commonly seen pathologies. This Twelve Window set includes windows for:

  1. Axis
  2. MI
  3. Identification of Culprit Artery
  4. Posterior MI
  5. Right Ventricular MI
  6. Left Bundle Branch Block
  7. Right Bundle Branch Block
  8. Fascicular Block
  9. Atrial Enlargement
  10. Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
  11. Right Ventricular Hypertrophy
  12. VTACH vs SVT

Also includes 10 EKGs with interpretations and an answer sheet that you can duplicate to use with EKGs from your organization.

“A must have!” “A great clinical teaching tool!!”


Windows Images

Vtach-Window-small RVH-small RV-MI-Window-small RBBB-window-small posterior-small MI-window-small
V-Tach RVH RV MI Right Bundle Branch Block Posterior MI MI
 LVH-small  LBBB-small  Fascicular-Block-small  coronary-artery-small  Axis-small  Atrial-Elargement-small
LVH Left Bundle Branch Block Fascicluar Block Coronary Artery Axis Atrial Enlargement